An MVHR system (Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery) is designed to benefit homeowners in cold climates by helping them save money and reduce their energy consumption. This makes it ideal for homes in the UK, as it’s a pretty cold place to live in.

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Although a lot of homes have already fitted their HVAC systems with an appropriate MVHR to clamp down on the heating costs, there are still a lot of houses and apartment buildings that are not making use of the simple solution that’s already present. Just in case you have not chosen a heat recovery unit to reduce your heating expenses and improve the indoor climate yet, here are three logical reasons why you should get one as soon as possible.

It Saves the Planet, and Your Money!

The prime reason why anyone should consider an MVHR system in the first place is because it helps the planet and your hard-earned money simultaneously.

Heat retention units are designed for the very purpose of maximising the heat from your boiler, so that it doesn’t have to work so hard all the time. When your heating doesn’t need to overwork during the winter months to maintain a comfortable room temperature, it reduces the strain on the planet’s limited resources and shrinks the electricity bill in one efficient move.

It Keeps the Indoor Environment Fresh in a Sealed Building

Anyone who has been inside an airtight home with excellent insulation during the winter, knows that it increases the building’s power-efficiency significantly, but while simultaneously making the whole house smell awful!

Sure, insulation and proper heating keeps things cosy inside, but when the stale air starts to carry pungent odours everywhere from your kitchen and bathroom, it doesn’t smell that nice inside. Soon, opening a window isn’t an option anymore, which means that the boiler will have to work extra hard again to make up for the lost heat which escaped through that open window.

A Nuaire MVHR system merges the best of both worlds by supplying fresh air continuously to the building, while retaining most of the heat that’s already present inside the house. In fact, the Nuaire MVHR ECO-series comes with 94{03fd97cf718835670937e8d7bf3262fecfcf4bf76a9c4e31fce385436dc6ce32} – 95{03fd97cf718835670937e8d7bf3262fecfcf4bf76a9c4e31fce385436dc6ce32} heat recovery; that essentially means you will never have to open a window again when it’s freezing outside, or feel that huge bump in the electricity bills we are all so used to during the winter months.

MVHR Systems Improve the Indoor Climate, Even When Money is No Object

If you happen to be someone who doesn’t care as much about saving money because you don’t have to, and you believe global warming to be a myth, heat retention units are going to benefit you nonetheless. That stale air we talked about earlier will need to be let out in one way or another, and opening a window when it’s snowing outside to let in a cold draught is never a pleasant experience for anyone.

The boiler will take some time before the room can be warmed up again and during extreme temperatures, open windows will not let it become comfortable until they are closed again. Since money is of no object here, investing in a Nuaire MVHR system is a great way to keep things comfortable and fresh in general for everybody.

Are you thinking of installing a heat recovery unit? Let us know how you get on.