The cleanliness of the wall should not be underestimated. The house is the main environment for the family. Not only the floor of the house must be cleaned every day, but the cleanliness of the walls must also be maintained.

This is because the wall is one area or medium of bacterial transmission. In addition, it also gives a bad impression for guests who come to the house. However, many people just do not care about the cleanliness of the walls of the house. To clean the exterior walls of the house, you can use a pressure cleaning service. The following is a summary of tips for maintaining clean house walls.

1. Clean the dust on the walls of the house

For those of you who plan to clean the dust on the wall area, it is better to use a microfiber cloth when you want to get rid of various dust. Also, make sure to start cleaning the dirt to the cobwebs that stick to the walls of the house.

However, before trying to clean the dust on the wall, it is better to cover the wall hangings so it is not easy to get dirty and it will inadvertently just stick the dust to another place. By closing things around the wall, this will also make you more focused on the part that is currently open, the wall.

Clean gently using a cloth so that dust is removed from the walls of the house. If the wall area is high enough to reach, use a broom head covered with cloth to clean the wall. This method is quite helpful when you want to clean the spider web in the corner of the wall.

2. Double-check the condition of the wall

The condition of the damaged walls certainly varies. Some are indeed damaged by doodling, wrinkled or faded paint, moldy and even the walls look very dull.

After knowing the actual condition of the walls, you can only predict what needs to be done to the walls of the house. If there is peeling paint, do scraping the wall paint until the old coat of paint is peeled off. Once clean and the surface of the wall has dried completely it means that it can be done using new paint.

3. Clean the walls with warm water

Clean the wall paint at home can also use warm water with the soap mixture. If you want it to be cleaner, add about 240 ml of white vinegar to a bucket of warm water.

The mixture of these materials can clean the residue and stains left on the walls of the house. Try not to add cleaning products that contain alcohol. The product will only damage the coat of paint on the wall and actually leave bright stains. You must be smart to choose a product before cleaning the walls of the house.

4. Make an alternative wall washing soap yourself

If you do not have time to buy or get a suitable washing soap when you want to clean the area on the wall. Washing soap to clean the walls can be made at home. Try to mix one cup of borax with a few tablespoons of dishwashing liquid. Then stir until smooth by adding water.

This simple washing soap can certainly be used at any time especially the price is certainly cheaper than other cleaners outside. After that, apply washing soap made from these simple ingredients to the wall area of ​​the house. The use of this washing soap can be done repeatedly until the walls of the house are completely clean.

5. Trying to repair the damage

Over time, damage to the wall will sooner or later inevitably occur. Walls that were originally clean can seem to be aged. In order to prevent damage, in the long run, it is better to start repairing areas where the damage appears. This must be fixed immediately because it can spread to other parts that are actually still clean.

Repaint to repair damage to the walls of the house. However, before that apply a coat of base paint on the surface of the wall to be repainted. The selection of this base paint can use water-based material, so as to reduce various other dust attacks on walls that have not dried.

That way, this can reduce the potential for paint on the walls to bubble and peel. The use of this base paint also helps the new coating to be absorbent and sticky perfectly on the walls of the house.