The roof is an important component because the roof can protect you and your family from the hot sun and rainwater. But sometimes the roof also has some problems related to the roof of the house. One of them is leakage. This problem often makes you and your family dizzy, especially before the rainy season. For that, you can hire roofing Aurora to repair your roof if there is problem roof.

Below are easy tips for overcoming roof leaks, namely:

1. Avoid planting trees that are too close to the house

Even though greening in the home environment is a good thing, if you plant trees too close to your house, it will certainly trigger a leak one day. You need to know that over time the tree you plant will get bigger, shady, and bear fruit. Of course, it will damage the roof of your house. Moreover, the parts of the branches that hang down and move when hit by the wind will certainly shift the roof of your house from its original place.

In addition, trees that bear fruit can increase the risk of cracked or broken tiles, due to falling fruit.

2. Choose a roof that uses a waterproof system

“Waterproof” or if it means protection from water, it would be very suitable for you to use it as a roof. The use of a waterproof roof will minimize leaks, besides that, there are currently many variations of colors and types being sold on the market. So, you can choose the one that suits your taste and budget.

Even though you use a waterproof roof, it will be useless if it is not matched by improper installation. If the roof is installed carelessly, there could be gaps that allow the house to leak.

3. The roof must have the correct angle of inclination

Another way to deal with house leaks is to pay attention to the level of the roof slope. You need to know that one of the causes of the leak is the shape of the roof that is too sloping.

If the roof of your house includes a sloping roof, you should use a cast-based roof design. In addition, you also have to coat it with paint or liquid that uses a waterproof system. Before building your house, it’s a good idea to pay attention to the angle of the roof slope, so that rainwater can flow smoothly.

4. Replace any roof that looks fragile

A fragile roof has a great potential to leak, so try checking the roof of your house. A fragile roof will easily leak water. Replacing the fragile roof on a regular basis is the right solution, according to the saying. Better to prevent than to improve.

5. Repair drains and gutters on the roof

Approaching the rainy season, you should save time to repair the drainage and gutters. Especially if the condition is damaged, for example, the gutter in your house has been porous, the drain pipe has broken, and many more. It does cost money, but if you don’t fix it right away then you will be much more troublesome with leaks later.

6. Paint the roof with a waterproof paint

The last easy way is to coat the roof of the house with waterproof paint. That way you don’t have to worry if the rainy season comes, because the leak has been resolved now.