Moving can be a fun and stressful time in life. Last week, My wife Alicia and I moved into a new home in Atlanta. It is very big and spacious. We like it, but it was just one problem. We needed new furniture. Our old furniture was either too old, didn’t match the house, or just needed to go. We gave some to charity. We decided to throw away some things. We needed a new bed. Our old one was breaking down from years of usage. We found some nice beds that were recommended on the Sleep Matters website. We found a nice bed for a suitable price.

Alicia and I carefully selected the bed that we wanted. Our old bed had some problems. The first problem that It was too hard. It was hard for to relax or sleep in the bed. I wanted the bed to be firm, but not too firm and hard. The second problem with our former bed was that it was too small for a couple. Back when I was single, I had enough room. Now, that I am married, the bed does not spacious enough to our needs. Alicia and I always felt a little cramped. The third problem was the smells of the bed. Our pets would climb in the bed with us and sleep. Sometimes, the bed absorb the odors from our pets and our own sweat. It would leave a stale smell in the room. Alicia and I knew what we wanted in a new bed.

We found some good recommendations of the Sleep Matters website. They gave detailed and in-depth reviews of the different selections of beds. We saw the perfect bed. It was large, soft, and had an odor deterrent. I was just what we needed and wanted. We ordered it from the store and it came promptly. The bed was amazing the first time we tried it.