Roofers are not just necessary when you are first building a house or renovating it every few years, they also provide essential maintenance services, without which, the roof will be in a shambles. You can’t just go hiring anybody who promises to be the best in the area though because that can lead to some pretty serious problems. So, what should you be expecting from your roofers to know that they are indeed the right ones for the job? Let’s find out.

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The Roofing Contractor Should be Licensed and Insured

Take the example of Belfast Roofing Services, which has been operating with proper licensing and full insurance coverage in Northern Ireland for over 22 years now. All their roofing jobs come with a company guarantee period and each and every one of the staff is on the CSR (Construction Skills Register).

You can find and book them on if you are in Northern Ireland, but even if you are not, the company’s service list provides an excellent guide towards what to expect from the roofers you are about to hire.

Any roofing contractor worth consideration should be appropriately licensed and should also be carrying insurance to protect you and their workers in case of a mishap.

The Quote or Estimates Should be Competitive

Anything that is good won’t be cheap, but that doesn’t mean a roofing company should be charging you significantly more than what the general rates are, simply based on their reputation. Unfortunately, some companies will do that and those are the roofing contractors to avoid.

Find a contractor who has a good reputation, but doesn’t charge exorbitant fees just because of that. Good price needs to be paid for good service, but it should still be competitive at least. However, do keep in mind that the quotes are only estimates in the roofing industry because the roofers cannot immediately see the substructure to know if further expenses will be necessary to repair it.

They Should Take Care of the Rubbish

A good roofing service should include the costs for taking care of the rubbish as well in the quote. Ask them about it directly and make sure it’s mentioned in the contract before signing.

Meeting Deadlines

Any and all roofers will guarantee that they can and will meet the deadline decided upon, but very few will actually do.

The only way to make sure that your roofing contractor doesn’t delay the project and completes it in their own time is to include a penalty clause in the contract. If they fail to complete the job in time, they should be paying for each extra day taken.

In some cases, adverse weather or unrealised roof conditions might delay the project’s completion date, but under normal circumstances, the contract should facilitate you in case of a failure to meet the deadline on their part.

Experience plays a big role in the roofing business, alongside reputation and skillsets. Therefore, going with an established company will always be the safer bet and it would be more likely that they will already know what is expected of them.