The roof is an important part of a home building. Its function is as a protector of the occupants of the building, so as not to be exposed to heat or rain, as well as being an aesthetic element for occupancy.

Choosing a roof is not just a matter of seeing the color, design, and price alone. However, the strength of the roof and its structure must also be the main consideration. You must also consider in choosing the best roofer, Oshkosh roofing contractor to install or repair your roof house.

So, what are the points that you also need to pay close attention to when choosing a roofing material for the house? Check out the following tips.

Pay Attention to the Strength of the Building

Before deciding to buy certain roofing materials, first, ask your home contractor whether the foundation and roof frame used

will be strong enough to hold the heavyweight of the selected tile. When viewed from the load, the roof of concrete and clay material has the heaviest weight and will overlay the foundation.

Building Design

When you have confirmed the strength of the building, also consider the style of home design. Each roofing material usually has a different model.

If your house has a classic architectural style, then the bitumen roof will greatly support the appearance. For traditional ethnic style houses and natural themes, wooden shingles or thatched roofs are a great choice.

Artisan Ability

Some types of roofing require special skills to install, which cannot be done by ordinary masons. For example, installing a metal roof and a shingle roof is certainly not the same as installing a clay roof. Well, make sure the builder’s ability that you use can install the selected roof type.

Pay Attention to the Climate and Weather in the Home Environment

Because of the function of the roof as a protector from exposure to weather, then consider the character of the climate in the environment. For houses with wind pressure, you should choose a roof that is rather heavy and can be installed firmly. Do not choose the metal roofing material that is easily separated.

Color choices are also very influential. Dark colors are not suitable for the tropics because dark colors easily absorb heat.