Planning to build a second floor at home? Then, you definitely need concrete! What is concrete? Come on, we learn together! Increasing a house to 2 floors is indeed the main solution for developing a house with limited land. However, renovating a house is not easy and the process takes a lot of time and money. You can call masonry Chicago which has professionals to do it for you with the best concrete service.

So, how do you renovate an easy house without having to remodel the entire building and all its spaces just to get a 2-story house? The trick is to split the house using concrete.

What is concrete and how does it work? Come on, take a look below!

What Is Concrete?

Concrete is a construction component or floor panels made of concrete used for dividing multi-storey buildings. This type of roof can be used as a floor as well as a concrete roof and is often referred to as a concrete panel.

Roof materials are also of many types. Apart from being made of concrete, roofs can also be made of clay, wood, metal, and clay. Concrete panels also have various types. Here are the types:

  • Conventional cast concrete: Durable, strong, and high quality. Work was done on the spot. Drilling time 28 days.
  • Ready-mix concrete: Can be used immediately without casting in the field. More practical.
  • Concrete ceramics: Practical and clean. Light, but still strong.

Characteristics of Concrete

The characteristics that must be possessed when building a concrete panel at home are as follows:

  • Sturdy: Perfect concrete is concrete that was built using a long casting process but still produces solid and sturdy results. Can support the weight of a multi-storey building.
  • On-time: To build a roof, it is necessary to calculate the correct processing time. It shouldn’t be too long and must adapt to weather conditions. Make sure not to build a house during the rainy season.
  • Average results: The construction work must produce flat and smooth results so that it looks balanced according to the function and aesthetic value of our homes.
  • Cheap: Choosing to upgrade your house by using concrete panels is a safe and economical choice because of its low price and the process that ensures solid concrete as the foundation of the house.