Having a carpet that is always clean is every owner’s dream. In addition to adding aesthetics, carpet cleanliness can also protect the owner from itching due to mites or other carpet dirt.

Many owners who use carpet cleaning services like the rug cleaners san Antonio to clean the stains on their favorite carpet. Because washing carpets is not an easy matter. In addition to weight also takes place when you need to hang it out. If there are only a few stains, then you should use the following method of cleaning the carpet without washing so you can save money.

How to Clean Carpets Without Washing

The first way to clean a carpet without washing is to shake the carpet. If it is too heavy, you can also use a broomstick. As for mites or dirt that is difficult to clean, you can use a vacuum cleaner. Setting a vacuum cleaner for cleaning on the carpet to maximize cleaning.

The next way to clean a carpet without washing is to use a mixture of saltwater, vinegar, and lemon juice. Spray on newly emerged stains so they don’t become stubborn stains.

Baking soda can also be one way to clean carpets without being washed effectively. The way is easy enough. clean the spilled drinks with paper towels then sprinkle with baking soda. Wait for up to 15 minutes (approximately the spill has dried) then vacuum with a vacuum cleaner. But if a spilled drink causes a stain that is difficult to clean such as wine, coffee, syrup, tea, and other colored drinks, then you should clean it up with extra.

But you do not need to worry because there is always a way to clean carpets without washing with materials that are easily found. If it still doesn’t work, you can use vinegar sprayed on the carpet stain. For more stubborn stains, you can saturate the stain with a vinegar solution then add baking soda to it. If it’s dry, you can clean the rest of the baking soda by using a vacuum.

If you are still having trouble getting materials to support how to clean carpets without washing, then you can buy carpet cleaning liquids that are already sold on the market. Besides being safe to use, this cleaning liquid also contains perfume granules which can eliminate unpleasant odors on your carpet.

How to clean carpets without washing is very easy to apply. For that, do not rush to give it to the laundry, so that your time and money are not wasted.