A leaky roof will certainly disturb your comfort as a resident of the house. Besides being able to make the house damp, a leaky roof can make the upper house structure brittle. In fact, the threat of a roof collapsing due to untreated leaks lurking around you at any time. If you need the best roofer to repair your roof, just call roofer Colorado Springs.

In order for you to stay comfortable and safe from the disturbance of a leaking roof, it’s good to read the following tips for overcoming it.

Covering the roof of the house with waterproofing

To deal with leaks in buildings that use roofs, you are advised to use waterproofing or waterproofing coatings. You can coat the roof, not after the casting and drying period lasts approximately 7 days. Waterproofing can make the pores in the roof structure not shrink so that it is more waterproof. It’s good that every rainy season arrives, you renew the waterproof layer on the roof of the house to avoid leaks.

Resetting the House Roof

One of the classic causes of leaking roofs is the wrong position of the tiles. This sagging roof can be caused by various things. The reasons for this are, among others, the result of the strong winds that have made it a playground for cats.

Another thing you should pay attention to is adjusting the tilt of the tiles. Ceramic and clay tiles should have a slope of 30-45 degrees.

Do not forget that the roof and asbestos must have a slope of approximately 15 degrees. Also, avoid installing too many roof joints because these joints are also prone to leaks due to the pores being eroded by rainwater.

Replacing the Damaged Roof

Replace tiles that are damaged and brittle with new tiles. Roof tiles that are cracked and brittle are prone to breaking during strong winds. Cracked roof tiles can also cause rainwater to seepage into the house.

Add Plastic Coating

Besides being able to protect the roof from leaks, this plastic layer can also prevent the entry of gravel and sand from narrow gaps. Apart from plastic, another material that you can use to coat the roof is a special aluminum foil which is designed to reduce heat and water resistance. Simple ways to deal with this leakage are mostly done in rural areas.

Cleaning the Gutter

Clean the gutters regularly to avoid clogging. During the rainy season, you can do cleaning every one to two months.

If the gutter is damaged, immediately replace it with a new one. Make sure the quality of the gutter is good so that it is durable and durable when used. Make sure the gutter size is wide enough so that it can accommodate a lot of water discharge.

Sufficient Ventilation in the Attic of the House

To anticipate structural changes due to expansion, ensure that the lower part of the roof or attic has adequate ventilation. Good ventilation will keep the air temperature from getting too hot.

Repairing a Leaking Water Pipe

Apart from gutters, another part of rainwater disposal that you should pay attention to is the sewer pipe. If the rainwater drainage from the roof leaks, then you must immediately repair it or replace it with a new pipe. Leaking drains can gradually erode the roof and walls of the house, causing damage to the building

Use Waterproof Paint on Inner Walls and Roofs

After the outer roof is coated with a waterproof layer, there is nothing wrong with the inner roof also using waterproof paint. This waterproof paint also makes the roof more durable because of its anti-fungal properties and water-repellent properties. Certainly, refuse leaks during the rainy season too.

Apart from being able to apply this waterproof paint to the outer roof, you can also apply it to the walls of the house. The walls of your house will be free of moisture, especially from the seepage of rainwater that usually comes from outside the house. The structure of the house is certainly more durable because it is protected from exposure to rainwater.