When the rainy season comes, there are some problems that often occur at home such as leaking on the roof, the walls seep, and cause mold. Before the problems above occur in your home, prepare as early as possible by paying attention and fixing if your roof has a problem. If you are looking for the best roofing service, you can contact the contemporary roof now.

Some things you can do to prevent the roof from leaking during the rainy season:

Slope Roof

The roof of the house with the right slope is one of the main tricks so that the water is not inundated and causes leakage. For roofs made of tile should be made with a slope of between 30 to 40 degrees while the asbestos roof is at least 10 degrees.

Use waterproofing

Changes in the weather are one of the causes of roofs quickly leaking and cracking hair. The fix is ​​by checking all parts of the roof of the house and walls periodically every 2-3 months and use SANPROOF or SANPROOF Double Action so that your roof is protected from leaks and not easily cracked.

Check the ceiling of the house

Not only checking on the roof alone, but the ceiling condition of the house also needs attention. Cement plaster on the ceiling is very vulnerable to leaking. So, if there is damage, the ceiling must be repaired immediately. Do not leave your ceiling humid, because during the rainy season there will be more fatal damage. To overcome this use aluminum foil measuring 1-2 mm as a coating device between the ceiling and tile in order to reduce heat absorption and reduce damage due to rainwater.

So, are you ready for the rainy season this year?