The following ways are very useful for those of you who live in urban areas where you still have empty space behind the house that has not been utilized.

Do you have an idea of how to use your backyard? For people who live in urban areas, most of them do not have open space. At least an empty space that can be used as a place to relax. You can use the best service of Landscape Sarasota to help you with any of your lawn care and landscaping needs

If you have a garden area behind your house that you haven’t used, the following are ideas that you can apply. Even though the size of the backyard is very narrow, you can turn it into a cool place to spend leisure time while enjoying a cup of tea or coffee.

Green grass

Perhaps this is the simplest, easiest, and most widely applied idea. Especially for homeowners whose backyard is very limited, making a minimalist back garden by planting green grass is a very appropriate choice.

Unfortunately, not everyone has succeeded in making this park beautiful. It seems trivial, that is, only planting green grass. But most grasses are too dense or grow some undesirable grass.

For this reason, it is highly recommended that you provide special care. The easiest is to hire a park maintenance service. The price is very easy and you can have a neat and beautiful minimalist backyard garden.

Applying Decks with Different Levels

If the room at the back of the house is a little more outside, it’s not wrong if you use the deck. This deck is used to make several different levels or levels of the floor. Thus, your backyard does not look ordinary.

This wooden deck will make the backyard look clean. And don’t forget you can also place a place for baking or BBQ in the corner of the space. You are ready to make a small party either with family members or invite friends and relatives.

Patio and Paving

Actually, the idea of ​​using the backyard of the house by using a patio and paving is the most famous today. Most homes in urban areas apply to this idea.

The point is you make a backyard garden, but there are paving which shows where to walk. Meanwhile, around the paving, there is grass either Japanese grass or elephant grass. At the edges, you can plant several types of flowers that you like.

However, you must remember. You should not plant too many flowers. In essence, you make a simple backyard garden design. So, avoid planting too many plants so they don’t look dense and seem unattractive.

One of the ideas above you can apply according to the use of the back room of your home. However, of course in choosing, you also have to consider the theme of your home design. Make sure the minimalist back garden that you make in accordance with the theme of your home design.

So that the results are in accordance with what you want, you should first consult with a specialist consultant backyard garden design. It seems easy, but when you apply the idea, you need a professional person so that the space behind the house is truly utilized to the full.

Now you can have a relaxing place to relax behind the house even though your home is in an urban area.

Good luck.