Besides social media and SEO for pressure washers, a business blog is one of the ways that is still quite effective until now. Blogs are not only a forum for expressing opinions but also as a medium for reviewing and introducing a business with a more complete and interesting form of the story.

In this case, several questions will arise such as, should a company create a blog? What are the benefits and advantages of blogs for the development of your business or brand? To answer the question above, consider the following review.

Blogs effectively increase traffic to the website

How can customers find your website? Customers can type the name of your business in the search engine (Google), but they are customers who already know your business. They already know who you are so this doesn’t help you to get new traffic.

Then, how can you get traffic as you wish? Use blogs, social media and also search engines. Every time you write an item (article) on a blog post, it means you have one more chance to appear on the search engine results page. This then directs traffic to your main website in organic search.

In addition, being active on blogs also helps you to be more easily found through social media. Every time you write something for a business blog, you create content that can be distributed to social networks.

This also indirectly helps expose your business to (potential) new customers who previously did not know your business. Content on your blog also helps to keep your social media updated. In conclusion, the first benefit of a blog for your business is to help drive traffic to the main website and work with search engines and social media to do that.

Helps turn visitors into prospects

After having traffic to your main website through a blog, you have the opportunity to turn that traffic into leads. Every new post on your business blog is an opportunity to generate new leads. It’s easy to do that, by adding a new lead that increases call-to-action on each of your blog posts.

Often these call-to-action directs leads to things like free e-books, free whitepapers, free fact sheets, free trials and more. Basically, content assets that are suitable for others will result in information exchange. Make a blog, provide call-to-action on each of your content posts, install a visitor-to-lead conversion rank for yourself and try to improve it every month.

Blogs build website authority

The best business blogs are blogs that answer questions from leads and customers they have. If you consistently create content that is useful for your target market, then it helps make you an authority in their eyes. This is a very useful thing for the Sales & Service team.

Building authority does not directly drive traffic and leads, but authority is quite a strong thing. Being active on a blog also has an impact on marketing such as:

  • If you make content that helps visitors in a matter, then chances are that it becomes a prospect where they can become your next customer.
  • Visitors who read your blog will usually be able to learn more about your “identity.” They will understand what you have to offer, what your industry is like and more.
  • The sales team can pull information from the blog if at any time requires an explanation to the customer asking the question.

As a long-term strategy

Blogs and content that you create at this time, can be very useful and provide benefits in the future. For example, if you currently post content on a blog, then you get 100 views and 10 leads.

Then people who read your blog will post it on their social media accounts so that your business blog is more widespread. Thus, you get more views and leads at a later time. This will then affect your ranking on search engines. This means that in a matter of days, weeks, months and years ahead, you can continue to increase traffic from these posts.