Try to imagine if a house doesn’t have a roof? Where the owners are still in the rain and hot even though they are in the house. Therefore, it is not surprising that the roof is said to be a crucial part of the house.

If the roof is not designed properly, the owner will be even more inconvenienced in the future because they still have to repair the roof again due to leaks caused. Therefore, choose a truly high-quality roofing service such as full draw construction.

For that, there are a number of things homeowners need to know in choosing the right roof design. Starting from the design to materials that are suitable for a house.

1. Climate Home Location

The first thing to pay attention to is to know the climatic characters based on the location of the house you have. Is it in a place with an extreme climate, high rainfall, in a hot place like in Africa, or something like that?

2. Roof Design and Material

After knowing the weather climate that often occurs, the next step is to make a design and choose a roofing material that suits your home. For example, if the location of the house is in an area with high enough rainfall, then you need to make a steep roof design, so that rainwater falls to the ground more quickly, thereby reducing the risk of leakage.

However, if the weather is extreme, it is advisable to choose a roof made of relatively strong materials, such as concrete. Or if the weather tends to be hot, clay roofs can be an option, not metal roofs.

3. Roof Frame

The selection of the roof truss is made after we have determined the roof design and material to be selected. For example, if we want the roof frame not to be made of concrete, there is no need to use a sloping roof frame made of wood.

If you want a sloping frame, then a lightweight steel frame can be an option. In addition to being more environmentally friendly, lightweight steel structures are also stronger than wood and are not easily rotted or damaged by termites.

4. Installation

Considering the installation process (installation) which tends to be difficult, it is highly recommended to use the services of an expert in installing the roof, whether it is when installing the roof or the frame. Don’t be trapped by cheap prices, good workmanship with a guaranteed offer within a certain time can be the best option for those of us who don’t really understand about roof installation.