Hot air in the dry season is certainly very disturbing the comfort of the residents in resting or activities in the house. Therefore, the role of AC (Air Conditioner) is very important and seems to have become a necessity for every household. Especially with countries that have a tropical climate and quite hot in the dry season.

However, to be able to choose the right air conditioner to use at home needs to consider several factors. Health factors, convenience, and superior features are key in choosing air conditioners. You must also consider the best AC service like Kenosha Wi HVAC when repairing your AC.

Here are tips on choosing an air conditioner:

1. Turn Off Room Size

Room size is a major factor that must be considered if you want to use a split air conditioner. Because to determine the right type of AC, it must take into account the strength of the AC’s performance and the area of ​​the room where the air conditioner is placed. For example, the power produced by an AC is called the Paardekracht (PK) unit. To calculate it you can use the formula length (x) width (x) height / 3 (x) 500 and produce a number of heat units called BTU (British Thermal Unit). This is the unit used to measure the heat of a room.

So, such a room has an area of ​​12 square meters it will produce around 5000 BTU that is equivalent to the power of ½ PK. So, the conclusion with the formula is that a room with a size of 12 meters is still safe if using AC with a power of ½ PK. With the greater size of the room, the greater the PK AC power needed to cool the entire room.

2. The Right Place of AC Installation

After determining the right AC power for the room, the next step is to choose the right place for the installation of AC. avoid places that are blocked by large objects such as cupboards or buffets. Also, place it in the middle of the room so that it reaches the desired cold temperature in the room.

3. Number of People in the Room

Still related to the temperature of the room if you use air conditioning, you should pay attention to people in the room. As already mentioned above regarding the use of electric power generated by an AC. Maybe based on calculations already using the right type of AC. However, this may not be appropriate if there are a lot of people in the room, so the calculation is irrelevant.

If AC ½ PK is used in a 12 square meter room and is filled by 2 people, this condition is ideal. But if filled by many people, of course, the cold temperature will be reduced. So always adjust people in a room/house before choosing AC.

4. Featured Features

Excellent features such as inverter technology, fast cooling, and saving electricity become the target of consumers in choosing air conditioners in their homes. That way you should understand the various features offered. Almost all manufacturers are competing to display the best AC features respectively. Do not be easily dazzled by the low prices offered by brands. Choose the air conditioner that suits your needs and is suitable for use in your home.