Modern times have made us change the way we use things. It’s no longer just about putting a sofa and that’s it. We also care about versatility. If you want to have more than one option to choose from, you have to buy a bean bag. Invented in 1960 by Italian brand Sacco, they aimed to create an object that people could place anywhere in their homes or offices. While a sofa is generally limited to a certain space, a bean bag is perfect for any space. Its versatility is given by its ability to be a movable object, but above all that it can be designed in different ways. Why buy a rigid sofa when you can have a bean bag that adapts to every occasion?

A bit of history

Italian culture has always been marked by style and high fashion. Italian designs have always been known for being sophisticated and modern. When the first bean bag was invented, they had this in mind. It became a product that was accessible to everyone while maintaining the touch of the already well-known Italian good taste. However, as time went by, the bean bag world took an unexpected turn. Although there are companies that manufacture using the highest levels of quality, their designs have diversified to suit all tastes. It is no longer a matter of exclusivity. Now everyone can enjoy the comfort that a bean bag provides. There are so many models, sizes and colors that you can always find the right one for you.

From the children’s room to the offices of large companies

For some years, a bean bag was considered an economical solution to have a sofa in our children’s room. There they could sit, lie down, play and even jump. It was perfect for this use. As time went by you could see a bean bag in spaces that were unimaginable before. They gradually started to invade spaces such as the living room, the kitchen, the dining room, the bedroom and even the garden or deck had the company of a colorful and comfortable bean bag. This great invention has been so widely accepted that large companies such as Google use them in their offices to create pleasant, relaxing but above all creative environments. After several studies, large companies noticed that their workers were more productive and were able to complete tasks in less time and with higher quality. An invention that is here to stay.