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A Nice Place to Rest

Moving can be a fun and stressful time in life. Last week, My wife Alicia and I moved into a new home in Atlanta. It is very big and spacious. We like it, but it was just one problem. We needed new furniture. Our old furniture was either too old, didn’t match the house, or just needed to go. We gave some to charity. We decided to throw away some things. We needed a new bed. Our old one was breaking down from years of usage. We found some nice beds that were recommended on the Sleep Matters website. We found a nice bed for a suitable price.

Alicia and I carefully selected the bed that we wanted. Our old bed had some problems. The first problem that It was too hard. It was hard for to relax or sleep in the bed. I wanted the bed to be firm, but not too firm and hard.…

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How Can We Tackle the Issue of Social Exclusion?

Social exclusion is the term used to describe the way certain individuals or groups are denied full access to benefits taken for granted by the majority.  They might be excluded because of their race, skin colour, gender, sexual orientation or for reason of their disabled status. Stereotyping and discrimination rob them of the opportunities which should be open to them.

Why is social inclusion important?

Social exclusion has an emotional cost.  Those excluded have mixed feelings including depression, stress and shame.  Sometimes these emotions turn to anger about the obstacles that are put in their path and that they aren’t able to participate fully in society nor lead a life of dignity.  Ironically, feelings of anger against society and the need to take revenge can reinforce the prejudices that caused the problem in the first place.

Apart from the damage to the community ties which bind us, there’s also a financial cost.  Many of those excluded face financial difficulties especially when they need money urgently.  Although direct lenders in the UK are able to offer them a helping hand, this is only a short-term solution since the roots of the problem need to be tackled.

The financial cost is also …