Gan Cube

Are you a cube lover? However, you do not know its history. As a cube lover, of course, you need to know the history of the cube as a game that can sharpen the brain. The cube is one of the most popular games in the world. Not surprisingly, this game has such a long history.

The cube is a game that has the shape of a block or cube with six sides that have different colors. Perhaps, some people often recognize the 3×3 cube as having six sides and nine small squares on each side that can be rotated in any direction, so that one cube has 54 small squares that can be formed into random colors. Even now, there is a Gan cube 356 x, which is equipped with advanced technology. This becomes a challenge for players to solve problems in order to form the same color again.

Of course, you think it is a difficult thing for a beginner to solve the problem. Because this cube game is a game that requires imagination in solving problems. With the imagination that appears, it will be able to make a person think more and sharpen his brain so that he can solve problems.

Many people like cubes, but not everyone who likes cubes knows about the history of cubes. For those of you cube lovers who want to know its history, then you can find out the history of the cube from when the cube was first created until it became a very famous game.

Erno Rubrik is the cube inventor who was born in Budapest on July 13, 1944. He created a cube shape in 1974 that only one of his students could use. Erno Rubrik is a professor who teaches interior design and architecture in the Department of Interior at the Academy of Applied Arts and Crafts.

The cube 3×3 is the most familiar cube among cube players. Even for beginners, the basic cube that must be solved the first time is the 3×3 cube formula, after that, you can solve other cube sizes. You can buy the best quality cube at shop here.